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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement – The key to higher productivity

and organisational success

TBD’s employee engagement strategies are entirely customized to the exact needs of your organisation. The way we do this is by first carrying out a full audit of the current culture and working environment. This depth of audit identifies those factors that are adversely impacting employee engagement.


Once the audit is completed we work with you to study the results and identify appropriate remedies. In most cases, the resulting strategies usually involve small incremental improvements and adjustments. You will find that these are more or less easy to assimilate into your existing operations and way of managing things. The reason why the strategies are so successful is that they uses the latest ideas and techniques from modern psychology. The audit is highly sensitive to what might be demotivating or disengaging your employees. And this gives invaluable information help improve productivity and performance. 


Our employee engagement programmes are self funding


TBD’s employee engagement programmes are self-funding, as motivated and committed employees can boost productivity by 50% or more. The impact in terms of reduced mistakes, more creative problem solving and faster workflow will measurably transform your bottom-line. And furthermore, we guarantee it. 


Download our white paper


Find out more from our white paper – ‘Employee engagement, the key to higher productivity and organisational success.


Or contact Jeremy Old for an informal no-obligation chat on 0800 0945 819. Email: Jeremy@teambusinessdevelopment.co.uk.


You are in safe hands


Jeremy has twenty-five years experience as an independent management coach to small and mid-sized enterprises and non-profit organisations. His experience includes facilitating 54, strategic change or business improvement assignments across a wide range of industry sectors. On average his assignments yield an estimated 33 : 1 ROI for clients. In addition, Jeremy is qualified to MBA level, with a post-graduate diploma in psychotherapy.



Jeremy is author of ‘Reinventing Management Thinking; using science to liberate the human spirit’. This groundbreaking management manual draws on the latest neuroscience and psychology to help managers stimulate fierce engagement and motivation. By learning how to work with the twelve ’emotional needs’ Jeremy shows how any leader with a degree of emotional intelligence can quickly transform productivity by 30% or more.


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