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My psychotherapy and counselling services routinely give fast and effective relief from emotional distress including stress and depression
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Psychotherapy and counselling services

Brief therapy for effective relief


The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the pressure on mental health and well-being in the workplace. So, should you need 1-2-1 counselling I will be happy to provide you with my psychotherapy and counselling services.  These 1-2-1 services are based on the Human Givens school of psychology. Through this revolutionary approach I routinely give patients fast and effective relief from emotional distress and a variety of other mental health problems. Essentially the human givens approach means I am trained to help you:


        • Ease stress and anxiety,
        • Reform bad habits,
        • Handle career worries,
        • Harmonize relationship problems,
        • Find a true direction in life,
        • Boost self confidence,
        • Lift depression quickly and permanently,
        • Banish panic attacks,
        • Remove phobias,
        • Deal with trauma – Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),
        • Calm anger disorders,
        • Get you a good night’s sleep.


Science based understanding of human nature


Human Givens psychotherapy and counselling services give early results for one very good reason. And that is that they are based on new scientific understanding about how the brain actually works. This is especially the case with stress.  As this system works so quickly it is sometimes referred to as “brief therapy”. In effect, this means that you should only need a few sessions in order to feel better and get yourself back to a sense of mental and emotional well being. In fact, I always look to try and help you significantly during the first couple of sessions. As such you will find that I am cost effective and convenient, as you won’t have to keep on coming back again and again for consultation.


Often, even from your first sessions, you will find that you get significant and lasting relief from problems. Although you may want to see me again for a follow-up. As a rule, therefore, you will receive a refund if, for some reason, I am unable to help you.


European Therapy Studies Institute regulates psychotherapy and counselling services


As I am trained in the human givens approach to psychotherapy, I follow the guidelines laid down by the ethical committee of the European Therapy Studies Institute. This means that my psychotherapy and counselling services have to be genuinely effective. Furthermore, therapy must also be evidence based or firmly founded on the latest scientific research from psychology and neuro-biology. Importantly, this powerful body of research is changing the face of therapy. In effect, is is giving therapists real insights into how peoples’ brains and emotions function. As a result, these new insights have given rise to a wealth of techniques, ideas and concepts. Collectively, these are having a genuine and swift impact on a peoples’ health and mental well-being.


Safe and secure delivery


For your convenience and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, I conduct my psychotherapy and counselling services on-line. If you would like to learn more or need help either for yourself or an employee, by all means ring me on 0845 0945 819. Or email We can then have a preliminary no-obligation chat (free of charge) in total confidence. If you want to go ahead we can then make an on-line appointment.


About your counsellor Jeremy Old


Jeremy Old is an independent management psychologist and coach. As well as psychotherapy, he has thirty years’ experience specializing in business operational improvements using team planning, coaching, training and group problem-solving.


Jeremy has a post graduate diploma in human givens therapy as well as an MBA. In both his psychotherapy and management work, Jeremy makes full use of the powerful ‘Human Givens’ approach to psychology. The reason being is that he has found this approach provides rapid relief in one or two sessions for people suffering a range of stress disorders. These include depression, phobias, chronic anxiety and anger.


Jeremy is author of ‘Reinventing Management Thinking; using science to liberate the human spirit’. This groundbreaking management manual focuses on the role stress plays in reducing productivity and profits in the workplace and by adopting human givens principles you can transform work place culture.

More about the human givens approach to mental health


The Human Givens school of psychotherapy provides powerful science-based treatments. These routinely deliver rapid and sustainable relief for mental distress and illnesses. Such conditions include chronic anxiety and anger, depression, PTSD, phobias, psychosis, schizophrenia and addiction.


This success is based on an understanding that we all come into life with a common biological inheritance. And this takes the form of innate physical and emotional needs and innate resources. As it happens, these biological needs seek their fulfillment through interaction with our environment. At the same time exploiting those innate resources which nature ‘gave’ us. These ‘givens’ (our needs and innate resources) are in essence nature’s genetic endowment to us. As such, they have evolved over millions of years. Incidentally, we all have these givens regardless of our respective cultural or racial background.


Recent research gives a deeper understanding of mental health issues


But the powerful organizing principle of ‘given’ needs and resources is only one reason for the success of this approach. Human givens therapy also exploits recent scientific knowledge about:


        • The physiological process called the stress response,
        • The stress continuum and its role in the onset of mental ill-health,
        • The different functions of the brain hemispheres in problem-solving,
        • The cycle of depression and how to break it quickly.
        • The role of trance in human behaviour, the learning process and problematic states,
        • How the dream state de-arouses the day times’ stressful stimuli,
        • How your imagination can both create and help solve psychological problems,
        • The importance of the ‘observing self’ as a means to separate someone’s problem from their core identity,
        • How the healing response comprises a rich system of mind-body interaction,
        • The role of ultradian rhythms in making internal mental & physical repairs.

If you or an employee requires help with any mental health issue you are welcome to call Jeremy Old today for a confidential, no obligation chat on 0845 0945 819 or email