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Reinventing management thinking – Readers reviews

Taking management responsibility forward.


“Reinventing management thinking is a terrific book. It is a great business studies manual, and a superb contribution to the application of psychology in business and leadership. It is very meticulous and thorough in spelling out precise stressors in workplaces and exactly how these stressors impact on the biological needs and resources (the “human givens”) of employees. Reading it made me want to rush out and sort out all the ailing and dysfunctional organisations around here. The clarity of the depiction of human emotional needs and resources is also highly valuable to all of us attempting to utilise them in various fields of endeavour outside that of direct therapeutic practise where they were developed. Addressing vital human needs within an organisation, as well ethically addressing the organisation’s functional role in meeting the needs of the wider community, are both important outcomes this book will facilitate.” Michael Grevis, Mentor and author.


A natural and human explanation of management at its best.


At last a natural and human explanation of management at its best. This book is written for people who want to function in groups and cannot quite put their finger on why it seems like such hard work. It shows how treating people like humans is not a management crime and provides a blueprint for success, written in natural language that resonates with people who want to work and live well – work to live rather than live to work. Salescallexpert.



This book provides the hard evidence Directors and HR professionals need to swim with the tide of human potential


I’ve known Jeremy Old for thirty plus years and when I opened his book and started reading it, I knew immediately that a lifetime’s experiences and thought processes had gone into it. It’s a testament to best practice and the way humanity should be engaged in business and it needs to be read my so many people, especially in large enterprises. Business is about people and a fundamental aspect of society, so they are inseparable and yet, greedy, shortsighted and frankly overly aggressive profit motives override this all too often. This book provides the hard evidence Directors, Owner Managers and HR professionals need to swim with the tide of human potential and not against it and/or in spite of it. Geoff Chown


Invaluable tool for anyone in business


I feel very privileged to have this book on my bookshelf, I can’t say the amount of times that I have used it for reference. I find the author’s insights, absolutely invaluable. They give me insight into business situations that most people are completely oblivious to. Yes, at times practising the principles of these insights can be challenging, but they are growthful. For instance, reading the section on ‘beliefs’ and how they obstruct organisational learning came just at the right moment for me, after I had ‘rocked the boat’ by pointing out fallacies and flaws in a company presentation. It was amazing to see how quickly the thought police came out! The book helped me to better understand the situation. George Steven.


This is a wonderfully insightful book that I will definitely refer to time …


This is a wonderfully insightful book that I will definitely refer to time and time again. It is obvious that this book is the culmination of years of extensive research and experience, but what transpires is a refreshingly innovative approach to achieving world class leadership and highly productive organisations. The 30 stressors’ model will undoubtedly be used by progressive business leaders to dramatically improve the organisational health and performance of their businesses through an involved and collaborative leadership approach. Amazon customer.


More different that it appears at first



This book covers all aspects of leadership and management, but all through the lens of stress, which is an interesting new angle. There are some really unusual nuggets hidden away in this book, like the link to the Super conscious Unified Field page 81. the fact that Mr Old is against targets (some great reasons are given on page 135) and a brilliant list of traits of a socialised psychopath on page 211. Certainly worth a look. C. Croft


Great Informative Book


A must have for serious leaders who want an engaged workforce. ‘Reinventing management thinking’ provides science-based prescriptive instructions on how to lead that are often the reverse of conventional leadership clichés. Lets face it disengagement among employees is rife across the western world and this is down in most part to the way we are encouraged to lead by a burgeoning ‘leadership industry’. So something needs to change and it looks like Jeremy Old has set a fuse that will explode a lot of leadership myths.


Science based book for lay people


Excitingly all his workaday advice is backed up by real evidence from neuroscience and modern psychotherapy. His organisational stress model is particularly helpful. The model provides a step-by-step guide to what we are doing wrong. With each of his thirty stressors he provides specific practical means to rectify leadership thinking and behaviour. These I find are entirely in line with the way the human mind works. His remedies to organisational stress are not the usual stress management palliatives. They are instead practical techniques, methods and so on that go to the root cause of stress in organisational life.


I particularly like his approach that the real point to the leadership function is providing a structure and style that enables people to stay in their ‘natural brain state’. The reasoning being that so much of what we do as leaders today presses the stress button. This gets not just our people to underperform but the whole organisation to underperform. His thinking in this respect is in line with systems thinking. Change the system and you change the behaviour. Stop the system from being stressful and you stop people being stressed seems to be his motto.


I wish I had read this book years ago …


His concept of ‘stressed decision-making is a CRIME’ is a real gem. The author’s five steps of impulsive stressed thinking resonate disturbingly with some of my own past experiences. I wish I had read this book years ago. Even more so, I wish my previous bosses had as well. What a difference that would have made to my own life and career. Anyone who is seriously intent on becoming useful as a leader needs to study this book painstakingly. There is simply so much in it of practical help to running any organisation. I know I will read it again and again to squeeze the last drop of good sense out of it. Sarge 55


Reinventing management thinking by Jeremy Old is now available from Amazon


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Any worthwhile business deserves this book’s influence


A friend of mine gave me Jeremy Old’s book as I had been complaining about my staff’s unwillingness to engage in the success of the business. What I needed was a motivator. I read much of the book, scanning whilst concentrating on what I thought were the relevant chapters. It struck a cord and so I started to implement some of what I was reading.


I became so impressed and absorbed with the results that I contacted the author who I subsequently worked with to change the dynamic of my business. I have read many business and motivational books but never before has new knowledge impacted so positively and dramatically on my life as this book. Any worthwhile business deserves this books influence. Matthew Barker.


A very valuable book


This book has given me a wonderful sense of relief. I no longer have a gnawing feeling of inadequacy about leaving the teaching profession. I now realise that it wasn’t me that was going mad, it was the system that was insane. And Jeremy Old explains exactly why. He carefully and methodically demolishes one conventional management nostrum after another with the use of simple practical common sense psychology.


I now know why I have felt so stressed as a teacher


It is fantastic to find a book that enables me to make sense of why I have felt so stressed in teaching. This should be mandatory reading for all those who inhabit the Department of Education as well as every so-called educational expert, head teacher and administrator.


Jeremy Old’s framework of the ‘thirty stressors’ and his adept use of eleven ‘emotional needs’ (that he calls the human givens) provide a precise way to identify where and why senior management (and in the UK this includes of course the government) do so much harm by dumping more and more stress on the teaching profession.


The author’s way of picturing what is going on in the human brain under stress makes clear why many teachers are leaving or have already left the profession. Of the eleven emotional needs he outlines, I reckon at least seven or eight are now regularly and persistently threatened or trampled on by government policy on one thing or another. The understanding I have drawn from this book is that the resultant stress of not having emotional needs met is why so many schools and teachers are underperforming. And why educational standards seem to be slipping relentlessly (The UK is now number 26 in international league tables where once it was at the top).


Top of the list of stressors are the damage done by endless regulations and targets


Scanning down the list of ‘stressors’ I counted at least nineteen that were prevalent in my old school, I can guess a good few more will exist in many of the worse off schools as well. Perhaps top of the list of stressors are the damage done by endless regulations and targets about how and what we should be teaching. The resulting cascade of paperwork is time consuming, mindless, demeaning to our professional status, exhausting and all-in-all totally counter productive. I simply didn’t get time or have the energy to teach properly any more.


Jeremy Old’s understanding of the command and control culture and his depiction of targets as an unnecessary evil shows why teaching has degenerated from a wonderfully fulfilling vocation to an eternal treadmill driving literally thousands of teachers out of the profession or into an early grave.


The book’s description of remedies and solutions so resonated with me


It is not all bad news by any means. The book’s description of remedies and solutions so resonated with me. Quite frankly I yearn to see them implemented. What a difference it would make to the next generation of children. In aggregate the remedies for each stressor provide an easy to read practical guide as to how to lead an organisation in a humane way. A way that I can see literally liberates the human spirit. that is currently imprisoned. Chained and shackled by pointless rules, rigid hierarchy, obsolete management thinking and cumbersome systems and procedures.


The current leadership paradigm cruelly inhibits and restricts the natural expression of a teacher. When all she wants to do is educate her children to the best of her ability. I accept that this is a management book and not about education as such. However, this book tells us how to set our teachers free so that we can teach and our children can learn. Mrs Charlotte Meyer zu Natrup


Must have resource for management


“Reinventing Management Thinking” is ideal for brave forward thinking managers who are determined to successfully problem solve. In every organisation there is a certain amount of digging you need to do before you find the gold. Interestingly, this book provides tools to work through the muck to discover harmonised productivity.


I have found it an innovative approach to honest decision making. Perhaps the largest limiting factor to the effectiveness of these tools is how honest I am with myself. For instance, I found this especially so with the section on Beliefs and Premature Cognitive Commitment. It is a helpful insight to stress management and I would recommend this to any manager as there is something for everyone. But if you are a new manager this could be a real treat! Mr AR Johnson


Jeremy’s ideas are practical and useful to any business


Jeremy’s ideas are practical and useful to any business. Stress is something that is harmful to every business as well as every individual. In an era where rapid change and evolution are not optional for most businesses, Jeremy Old provides insights that business owners can use to navigate the turbulent waters ahead. Paul Tansey


A gem in the making


I was recommended this book by a colleague who found the book very enlightening, after a few pages I found the book had a real understanding of people, and using some simple and what now proves as very effective management tools it has enabled me to develop myself with a better understand of my staffs wants, ambitions and needs. which with a rejuvenated way of thinking and using the tools provided and a little hard work we have developed into a very efficient and dynamic team. Amazon customer


Easy to read and really good support for managing Lean journey at work


This book has really helped me on my lean journey. I read Part I in one sitting, as I found it so interesting with such clear explanations as to how people interact together at work. Jeremy Old describes some deep knowledge in very simple terms and some of his insights are real eye openers. I related easily to them with my own experience. I am using Part II more as a reference or check point and even have the book by my desk for when I come across the different stressors at work. Old gives very concrete examples that makes it very easy to capture the ideas and make immediate use of them as a manager. Michelle