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An organizational stress audit is a powerful tool to identify problem areas in engagement, performance, and productivity. An audit can measure the costs of stress in your organisation and save you thousands of pounds.
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Stress audit

The remedy for low engagement


An organizational stress audit is a powerful tool to identify problem areas in engagement, performance, and productivity. With a stress audit you can measure the costs of stress in your organisation and save you thousands of pounds.


For many CEOs and business owners, their concerns about stress factors revolve around limited aspects such as potential insurance claims and absenteeism. In reality, where stress is prevalent in your organisation, it will seriously impact your ability to achieve strategic goals.


Stressed behaviour manifested by staff and management has a comprehensively damaging effect on the very fabric of the organisation. The reason being that stress has a major impact on employee engagement in terms of motivation and commitment. This adverse impact is due to stressed employees being less able to relate with one another and with your customers. The are also less able to collaborate with other stakeholders in a productive and meaningful way. The unwelcome truth is that stressed people make more mistakes, have more accidents, find it difficult to problem-solve and often lose interest in the goals of the organisation they work for.


An organizational stress audit answers 8 key questions


A stress audit asks eight questions to find out what is undermining your best efforts to manage effectively.


  1. Which of the 30 stressors are impacting your organisation?
  2. What are the root-causes of these stressors?
  3. What is the impact of the stressors on the organisation in terms of financial costs and probable financial costs in the future? For example: mistakes, rework and working hours lost, due to disagreements, slow working, accidents, illness, days off, etc.
  4. How are these costs impacting your bottom line or budgetary control?
  5. What remedies are available to rectify or alleviate the problems?
  6. How can these remedies be implemented?
  7. How much are these remedies likely to cost? Will the savings generated justify the costs?
  8. How can your improvements be embedded in the organisation for the long-term?


Customized assessment of stress factors to suit the needs of your organisation


A TBD organizational stress auditor is trained and experienced in systems thinking, performance improvement management and psychotherapy.


As every firm is unique in terms of the dynamics of staff and management relationships, fees vary according to the circumstances. However before the start of an assignment the auditor will carry out an assessment of your requirements and the parameters of the situation and provide you with a fixed quote.


Call Jeremy Old today on 0845 0945 819 (local rate) if you would like more information on stress audits or require help for employees. The first ninety minutes of any consultancy work is entirely free of charge. Or email


You are in safe hands


Jeremy is author of ‘Reinventing Management Thinking; using science to liberate the human spirit’. This groundbreaking management manual focuses on how to reduce stress in the workplace as a means to transform productivity and performance.



Jeremy has twenty-five years experience as an independent management coach to small and mid-sized enterprises and non-profit organisations. This has included facilitating 53, strategic change or business improvement assignments across a wide range of industry sectors. On average these techniques yield an estimated 30 : 1 ROI for clients.


In addition, Jeremy He is qualified to MBA level, with a post-graduate diploma in psychotherapy. He has delivered training workshops on organisational stress for Mindfields College.

Read testimonials …


A very enjoyable day, it provided me with structured factual information that gives me a framework for implementing change in my organisation. The workshop was experiential, so I was able to practice the exercises before reporting back to my team. – Stress counsellor



I learnt techniques that will enable me to be more objective and to clarify the main stressors in my practice rather than tackling the problem as general stress. Learning to evaluate the hidden cost to the organisation of stressors and stressed behaviour was an extremely useful exercise. – GP



Thanks, the workshop was applicable, enlightening, clearly presented and with good humour. It clarified concerns I had about my own organisation and I can now see the stressors more objectively. The information and opportunity to look at the “socialised psychopath’ stressor was very revealing and helpful. – Private sector rehabilitation manager



Practical strategies including the observation form and the emotional needs assessment questionnaire that are of relevance to my staff and will be really useful. – Head teacher



A practical method to apply to the workplace that creates a structure for presenting evidence for changes needed to improve stress at work. – Staff counsellor



The theory and application is readily applicable in work setting – Psychologist.



A very clear approach that built on my existing knowledge and strengthened my understanding of how to address stress in an organisation. – Health promotion specialist