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Our unique 'reality check' uncovers what you are missing out on, how much the problems are costing you and helps you identify the necessary countermeasures.
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Case study productivity growth and turnaround

What if you could increase employee productivity by 57%?


A family run point of sale manufacturer struggled to earn a decent profit. This was despite earning an average turnover of £11 million. Then came a recession in their sector. After a problem trading-year, sales dropped to £9.9 million. The result was a hefty loss of £913,000. What was urgently needed was rapid productivity growth and turnaround to stave off insolvency.


As a countermeasure the directors adopted a Hoshin Kanri improvement programme. The first step in this initiative was a comprehensive Business Health Check This extensive feedback exercise revealed hundreds of problems that needed addressing. The follow-up team based improvement workshops involved extensive and meticulous improvement planning. Within a couple of weeks the team was working 50 plus improvement projects, all of which collectively turned the situation around.


Rapid productivity growth and turnaround


The outcome for the following year was a 57% increase in productivity which helped convert the the £913,000 loss into a £320,000 profit.


“Jeremy Old has the unique ability of engaging, understanding and pulling teams of people together across all disciplines in the business and focusing us all in achieving our personal and company goals – Fantastic!”  Toby Martin, joint managing director, SPS Group Ltd.


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If you’d like to know more about how TBDcan help you multiply your profits call Jeremy Old on 0845 0945 819.


Or email Remember we guarantee that our Business Health Checks are self-funding. With TBD you will reap benefits well above the cost of your investment our typical client ROI is over 33 : 1.


You are in safe hands


Jeremy is author of ‘Reinventing Management Thinking; using science to liberate the human spirit’. This groundbreaking management manual draws on the latest neuroscience and psychology to help managers stimulate fierce engagement and motivation. By learning how to work with the twelve ’emotional needs’ Jeremy shows how any leader with a degree of emotional intelligence can quickly transform productivity by 30% or more.


Jeremy has twenty-five years experience as an independent management coach to small and mid-sized enterprises and non-profit organisations. His experience includes facilitating 56, strategic change or business improvement assignments across a wide range of industry sectors. On average his assignments yield an estimated 33 : 1 ROI for clients. In addition, Jeremy is qualified to MBA level, with a post-graduate diploma in psychotherapy.

“The entire business process has benefited. We now have a process at board level to identify and analyse new ideas. People are more open to change because they have been part of the decision-making process from the beginning in any improvement initiative.


Beforehand it was down to someone to dream up an idea for an improvement and then implement it. Now we sit down together and talk about things in a very mature way. We are very honest about our weaknesses. People aren’t hung out to dry for being honest about their limitations. Our performance improvements are very much an inclusive process.


We were already going down the route to improve operational efficiency, but what we have gone through with the TBD process has improved our focus and involved a lot more people across a wider number of issues and in a much shorter space of time than I would have been able to do on my own. We are definitely further ahead as a result.” Cliff Barry, Operations Director SPS Ltd




What if you could make these sort of savings?


A Business Health Check  at a factory dispatch department discovered serial overcharging by couriers, as well as undercharging of delivery costs to clients. The check also detected the reasons why there had been otherwise unaccountable extra costs for express deliveries and a high number of cancellation charges. Estimated savings: One-off courier refund of £50,000 and approximately £125,000 from reduced same-day deliveries, cancellation charges and improved accuracy of client invoicing (total saving 1.5% of turnover).


An accountancy firm found where problems were occurring with the computer and software upgrade. Estimated direct improvement: £200,000 (7% of turnover) in fee earning capacity.


Read more about how our Business Health Checks can save you thousands and rescue flagging bottom lines.


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