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Hoshin Kanri is a little known management planning system developed by Toyota, that reverses the poor track record of more conventional lean initiatives. Hoshin Kanri works for any reasonably competent SME and is capable of amazing transformations in productivity. Read about how we help small enterprises using this big company technique.

Engaged employees have productivity levels at least 50% higher than the norm.  But what is the secret to motivating and inspiring your employees? Well its all about working with human nature not against it. TBD has a fairly unique take on this aspect of leadership. So, read more about how our unique methods can bring about a rapid transformation in productivity.

In this groundbreaking book, Jeremy Old explains how to transform productivity and organizational performance by handling twelve key emotional drivers. Jeremy uses findings from modern neuroscience and psychotherapy to explain why conventional management often puts productivity into a nosedive. With his explanation comes a wealth of practical advice on how to boost employee enthusiasm, commitment and competence. His insights will enable you to transform your leadership career and your organizational destiny.

Amazing but true! The average senior manager is unaware of 96% of operational problems impacting customers.


This inability to see the reality of everyday operations submerged beneath the surface suppresses company profits by 40%. If you are not already making 10% net profit and want to find out why, read more about our Business Reality Check … 

The art of rapid business transformation

With 70% of major business improvement initiatives failing, is rapid business transformation just a mirage? There is an art to achieving ambitious strategic goals. Toyota calls this open secret ‘Hoshin Kanri’ and they have used it for decades to become global leaders.


The key to Hoshin Kanri’s consistent success, lies in its ability to orchestrate dozens of improvements with overall strategy whilst simultaneously inspiring employee engagement at every level and across the whole organisation; sounds useful? Read more …    Or get the full facts: Download our free white paper on Hoshin Kanri.

Employee engagement and the power of why

Our company described in numbers

Success Rate for team planning of business improvements0%
Average improvement in employee productivity0%

Business improvement projects


Enterprises helped


Loss making turnarounds


34:1 Average client ROI


Manufacturing & Services industry sectors


Start-ups including R&D projects

Get your free business consultation today.

Let’s meet for a chat and establish your areas of growth. We can go through what could benefit your business and how Team Business Development could help you.

The key to higher productivity and organisational success

TBD’s employee engagement programmes are self-funding, as motivated and committed employees can boost productivity by 50% or more. The impact will measurably transform your bottom-line. And we guarantee it.

Hoshin Kanri and the art of business transformation

WARNING If you are contemplating a major change initiative, you need to know that change seldom turns out as planned.


Read our whitepaper and learn about Hoshin Kanri, a simple but holistic approach to business change and transformation, that proves consistently successful in promoting change.

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