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Natural Business Transformation

Hoshin Kanri and natural business transformation

“Lead as though you have no power” – Taiichi Ohno


The secret to successful rapid business transformation is to work with the grain of human nature not against it. 


Business transformation, lean initiatives or change management programmes have failure rates as high as 70% to 85%. From the perspective of modern psychology, this poor track record is to be expected, as managers tend to go about change the wrong way. 


Just like any other complex process in life, if you go about strategic change without training, guidance or a clear plan, you are doomed to fail. Give a trumpet to somebody who has learned to play the instrument and you hear music. But, give one to somebody who has never had a trumpet lesson and you just get a rude noise.

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The Toyota way to business success

Hoshin Kanri delivered with the right level of expertise and commitment achieves consistent success with business transformation initiatives wherever it is applied. Success is guaranteed because Hoshin Kanri works with human nature and especially capitalises on the instinctive way people excel at working in groups.


Developed by Toyota back in the 1970s, leading manufacturers such as Sony, Intel and Hewlett Packard have been using Hoshin Kanri for decades. And the really good news is that Hoshin Kanri is not just for the big players, but is just as applicable to smaller enterprises as well.

Why does Hoshin Kanri work so well?

TBD’s Hoshin Kanri is an all-embracing business operating system delivered by a highly experienced coach that involves everyone in your organization. The system embeds new ways of seeing things, new ways of problem-solving and new ways of thinking into the very fabric of your business. The effect on employee engagement is dramatic. 


Hoshin Kanri’s planning system mobilizes and integrates every business process, sub-system, function and department in your improvement initiative. The result is complete alignment of your diverse resources and activities with your longer-term goals. Saving you time, money and energy getting you where you want to go.

Hoshin Kanri is self-funding

With TBD’s Hoshin Kanri system you get a standardised, highly sophisticated and easy to use business improvement process ready to bolt into place and make use of on day one.


The whole process is self-funding from the direct savings and opportunities that arise. Usual benefits include:


  • A major hike in operating profit
  • A substantial increase in the net worth of your enterprise
  • Accelerated business growth
  • Optimum return on investment
  • Better retention of satisfied customers
  • Fully engaged and supportive employees
  • Huge reduction in waste and rework
  • A lot less stress for the senior management as well


 “We’ve achieved more changes in six weeks with
these team planning workshops than I’ve seen in twenty years of my time here.”
Dave Medhurst Projects Coordinator Steelfields Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer.


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For improvement to be transformational it has to be holistic

If one part of a system is left defective then the whole system is compromised. After all, a system is only as strong as its weakest element.


Hoshin Kanri’s sophisticated protocols and procedures ensure that every aspect of your organization is improved, all at the same time. In effect Hoshin Kanri planning identifies strategic improvement opportunities, exposes hidden obstacles to successful change, designs appropriate countermeasures and constructs a powerful road map (The Management Action Plan) for a wide range of projects that then yield whole-scale improvement.


To a lot of traditional executives, attempting so many improvements all at the same time sounds ambitious, if not actually impossible. But experience shows that the accumulative effect of large numbers of simultaneously applied improvement projects captures results that are simply unimaginable with other approaches. 


The strength and consistency of this improvement system and its ability to work with human nature are the reasons why TBD Hoshin Kanri programmes achieve an estimated 30 : 1 ROI on client investment.


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Jeremy Old has twenty-five years of experience as an independent

management coach specializing in small and mid-sized enterprises and non-profit

organisations. He has facilitated 53, Hoshin Kanri assignments across a wide

range of industry sectors and finds that the system always yields consistent success.



Jeremy is also author of ‘Reinventing

Management Thinking; using science

to liberate the human spirit’. The book explains

the psychological reasons why

collaborative management is so much more

successful than conventional top down

command and control. Jeremy is qualified to MBA

level, with a post-graduate diploma in psychotherapy.