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Reinventing Management Thinking

Using science to liberate the human spirit

How to update your management skills


Thirty years of progress in the field of neuroscience and psychology are changing the way we need to think about leadership and organisational design. In Reinventing management thinking, the author draws on this this revolution in science to give you principles, concepts, tools and techniques that help to transform organisational destiny. 


Are you working against human nature?


Reinventing Management Thinking demonstrates how most leaders are still working against human nature. This working against the grain is manifested in the way we go about designing organisational activity, motivating people and improving productivity. As a direct result, the common experience of organizational life is high-stress and low performance.


Everywhere you look it seems that group outcomes are woefully below the full human potential latent in the workforce. 


Research based, but reader friendly


Although the author presents a wealth of research, above all this is an immensely practical book. Apart from the most recent research findings, Jeremy Old draws on his own twenty-five years experience as a turnaround specialist and management psychologist. As such he is able to cram the pages full of practical advice to help you redesign your organisation to work with the flow of human nature. 


Despite the ground-breaking nature of the ideas, any conscientious manager or owner-manager can make immediate good use of these guidelines and principles. This ease of use is simply because the remedies are ultimately based on the author’s own day-to-day experience. He has spent twenty-five years improving performance across dozens of organisations large and small and always using the principles laid out in this book.

“This is a terrific book. It is a great business studies manual, and a superb contribution to the application of psychology in business and leadership.”  Mike Grevis author of “Unlocking Reality”


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Reinventing management thinking shows you:

      • – How to get your team’s inherent survival instincts working for you rather than against you.
      • – How to escape the trap of stress-driven quick-fix decision-making. 
      • – The simple steps to build a financial business case for employee well-being. 
      • – The twelve qualities to cultivate for successful leadership.
      • – Why imposing targets sucks the intelligence out of an organization.
      • – Eight methods to help you reduce dangerous bias in planning and decision-making.
      • – How to prevent dopamine fuelled decision-making driving your organisation out of control.
      • – The reasons why a proper lunch-break significantly improves the bottom line.
      • – The four common ways that targets distort operational focus and how to avoid them.
      • – How to design stress out of your organisation.
      • – Why stressed thinking is a C-R-I-M-E.
      • – The 10 emerging ideas about how our brains process information, which is dramatically improving planning outcomes.
      • – The twenty-five-point sanity check to see if a work colleague is a psychopath.
    • – What ‘failure demand’ is; the waste it creates and how to get rid of it.

      • – How to work with innate human needs to liberate employee energy, creativity, loyalty, commitment and focus.
      • – How to prevent beliefs obstructing organizational learning. 
      • – Ten ideas from neuroscience that underpin new management thinking.
      • – The leadership style that unleashes the full potential of your organisation.
      • – Why your dreaming brain is a key ingredient in organisational success.
      • – How to spot those 16% of managers who are compulsively driven to wreck their own organisations.
      • – Why removing a long hours culture is a win-win for employee well-being and organisational performance.
      • – How to avoid beliefs getting in the way of progress and change.
      • – 30 techniques, ideas and concepts to remove harmful organisational stress. 
      • – How to stimulate a 60% boost in employee energy and engagement. 
      • – A quick win to reduce conflict.
      • – The salient reasons why an atmosphere of trust underpins employee retention and performance.
    • – Why it is best to use an amoeba approach to organisational growth.
    • – Why the ability to handle uncertainty is key to successful business planning.

And much more…

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